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Beautiful women seeking ugly millionaire husbands.

Profile of the woman.

Sexy girl Bella Houston-Park from Glasgow seeks rich man for a lifetime of fun.
Name Bella Houston-Park

Age 22
Location Glasgow
Occupation Law student
About me I am a fun loving, energetic and beautiful girl. But I am fed up meeting insincere  men whose only intentions are finding the quickest way to get me into their beds. I want to find an older man who, to put it quite bluntly is disgustingly ugly. (and unbelievably rich) Hopefully that way I can find someone who will love me for more than just my body and will be willing to have long boring conversations with me about poetry and literature and taxidermy. In return I promise to love you no matter how vile your appearance. I would love to take five years out to travel the world, so someone you also must be wiling to finance this.
Why a millionaire should choose me. I will give you all my love (once I come back from my round the world trip)