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Beautiful women seeking ugly millionaire husbands.

Profile of the woman.

Fun loving girl with a fetish for leather seeks ugly rich gentleman for bizarre pleasure with leather and feathers.
Name Dommi Nattiun

Age 24
Location Moscow
Occupation Escort at a private Moscow escort agency.
About me I love meeting people and travelling, that is why I am so happy working for an escort agency. Every day is different. every day I get to meet wonderful, interesting business men from all over the world. Admittedly there are some men who think that because they hire me for the night that they can have their evil way with me. The scumbags! For I will not sleep with a man just because he has hired me. No! He must give me lots of money or jewellery - only then does he deserve the pleasure of my companionship in bed. When I am not sleeping with strange men I have many interesting hobbies - I love parachuting and scuba diving. My other hobbies include dressing up in leather outfits and been tied up and whipped - that is such fun.  It has always been my ambition to be a spy for the Russian secret service but I failed my qualifying exams - apparently they do not accept anyone under 4 ft 8 in.  
Why a millionaire should choose me. I am a good, honest girl who needs love, tenderness and a little but of whipping to make me do whatever you want.