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Beautiful women seeking ugly millionaire husbands.

Profile of the woman.

Russian beauty from Moscow State Circus wants love, marriage and a huge pussy.
Name Pistoff Anne Broike

Age 19
Location Moscow
Occupation Trainee Lion Tamer
About me I so am sorry, my American is not so good but I am a very willing girl and I learn fast. Ever since I am little girl I want run away to circus for my parents were spies and without bloody war there is no work so they get poor and drink Buckfast. It was not good so one day I not come back and join instead the Moscow state Circus. That was too years ago and now after much work I am pleased with to be a Trainee Lion Tamer. It is true that so far I only train with cats and need to sleep with the midget but the cats are fierce and as soon as the Circus gets a lion I will perform in front of thousands. I not wishing to be untrue to midget who I sleep but I need a millionaire who love me and buy me lion and soon die so that I have lots of money but no ugly old man or midgets that I need to sleep with ever again. 
Why a millionaire should choose me. You can come to circus to see my pussy and fall in love with me and help me be famous putting my head into lions orifice.