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Men seeking women.

Profile of the millionaire

Name Rick Terscale
Age 19+
Location Melbourne Australia
Occupation Stuntman
Wealth $30 million (australian)
Source of wealth I was never very bright at school, in fact you might have called me stupid - most people did. But though I was kicked out at the age of 12 I was smart enough to get a job as a stunt man for movies. Watch any good movie these days and the guy getting blown up, thrown of a building or mashed up in a car accident, is likely to be me. Tough work but I get paid by the bucket loads. So now I'm filthy rich and looking for a princess to share my happiness.
Interests Stamp collecting, ironing shirts, weather vane spotting.. 
Likes Travelling to exotic places where there are plenty of weather vanes, fighting kangaroos barehanded.
Dislikes Dying in tragic accidents..

Profile of the ideal partner

Age Must be under 24.
Looks Must be perfect in every way.
Personality Stunningly beautiful.
Must Help look after me and mend my wounds after stunts go wrong. Should be qualified in first aid and know how to treat broken bones.
Must not Be vegetarian.


I will marry you if you want and leave all my money to you should I suffer a horrendous accident while performing a stunt.